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Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow

By Dr. Laura Hills, President, Blue Pencil Institute, www.bluepencilinstitute.com

It’s snowing todaySnow Day in the Washington, DC metropolitan area and practically everything is closed. As I write this sitting at my desk, I am looking out my window through a curtain of heavy wet snowflakes. I see the young family that lives across the street wearing puffy ski jackets and boots, out shoveling their driveway and sidewalk together. I see my daughter’s white car parked on the street with snow accumulating on its roof, hood, and windows, making it look like a white hump. And I see the tire marks left by vehicles that have sloshed their way up and down our unplowed, untreated street today.

This morning, I received a call from my doctor’s office to reschedule our appointment today for my annual exam. And though I wasn’t particularly dreading this appointment, how elated I was about this postponement. Why? You see, I wanted a snow day. How delicious it is to wear my slippers and to know that I do not have to leave to go anywhere today, that I am safe and secure and warm here in my home. Now mind you, I don’t have any desire to repeat the infamous blizzard of 1996 when I was snowed in with young children for days and days, when cabin fever started to set in. But for this one lovely day in early March, I am content just to be here, to see the children outside my window forming snowballs and chucking them at their father while he shovels the snow.