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Praise for They’ll Eat Out of Your Hand


"Effective communication is at the core of any successful business, yet many people overlook the basic tenets of how to connect meaningfully with others. This book outlines many of the important principles that are paramount to reaching your audience with clarity and purpose."
- Dr. Nido Qubein
, President, High Point University, 
Chairman, Great Harvest Bread Co., High Point, North Carolina

“Dr. Laura Hills has done it again! Her new book, They’ll Eat Out of Your Hand If You Know What To Feed Them, is more than just a clever title. It’s a compilation of wisdom on personal success in every aspect of life. I wish this were written many years ago. Communication is the key and Dr. Hills has nailed it with precision.”- Louis Sportelli, D.C., Practice of Chiropractic, Palmerton, Pennsylvania

“Dr. Laura Hills has managed to condense years of expert knowledge into a concise and eminently readable book that gives readers a blueprint for communication in the digital age. Dr. Hills manages to use a simple format to convey complex information and makes it extremely easy to follow her great tips for getting people to eat out of your hand. This is not only a must-have book for all career professionals, but a book for anyone who wants to get it right when it comes to getting his or her message across." - Ali Richards, Director, GTR Coaching Ltd., Associate Nurse First, Clitheroe, England

“Another great book from Dr. Laura Hills! The strategies and advice she provides are sure to improve all readers' skills in communicating. The real-world examples instantly hit home and show how the skills can be applied immediately. On several occasions I found myself practicing out loud, which made reading the book even more fun. This book is a must read for every professional!” -Ihab Z. Marcus, President and Adjunct Professor, 3 Cords Consulting, Fairfax, Virginia

“The practical communication skills provided in this electrifyingly brilliant book will equip professionals everywhere to do their jobs exceptionally well. The book is simply awesome and highly relevant to anyone who wants to keep abreast of modern communication trends.” -Dr. Musa Andrew Ibrahim, Deputy Vice Chancellor, Professor of Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Technology, University of Jos Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria

“Using straightforward writing, actionable advice and interactive exercises, Dr. Hills showcases her proven communications expertise and does in fact leave readers eating out of her hand. Real-world, modern-day examples and simple-to-implement techniques provide professionals at every level with tools to wow audiences, close deals, and set clients at ease. If you want to take your career to the next level, They'll Eat Out of Your Hand If You Know What to Feed Them is a must-read.” -Allison Coffman Leking, President, Krona Communications, LLC, Denver, Colorado

“This second book from Laura Hills and Blue Pencil Institute is another well-polished gem. The content reminds the experienced professional of familiar concepts with concrete suggestions for improvement and introduces the novice to critical factors for success. It is easy to read, easy to use, and easy to share with complete coverage of communication practices to enhance any career.” -Michael R. Van Dyke, Principal Serengeti Enterprises, LLC, Developing Everyday Leadership and Management, Blue Mont, Virginia

“Bravo to Dr. Laura Hills, the communications maven. This volume presents very valuable, concise ways to interact in your business and in your social life. Dr. Hills gives us great insights into how to listen to others, how to read between the lines, and how to convey our own message with the most impact. I found the section on body language especially worthwhile. All these many gems are conveyed in a humorous and very accessible style. This book is a great resource for professionals of all ages and levels of responsibility.” -Marcel Frankel, MD, MBA, Editor Emeritus, The Journal of Medical Practice Management, Chicago, Illinois

“Dr. Laura Hills is engaging, inspirational and relevant. She has the unique ability to connect with her audience and creates an environment that facilitates personal adaptation and understanding. She is passionate about learning and makes it contagious.” -Denise David, Agent Owner, Denise David State Farm Agency,, Ashburn, Virginia

“Dr. Laura Hills' latest work continues her progression of high-quality, intuitive and immensely practical guides for professionals in all walks of life. From the newly-minted businessman, to the executive at the pinnacle of her career, anyone will find her sage advice to be helpful and insightful. Read her tips, do the checklists, but more importantly, incorporate all or some of her thoughts into your daily lives. Everyone has different realities, but these are skills that are vital for all. I particularly enjoyed Dr. Hills’ discussion on non-verbal communication skills -- invaluable!" -Brian J. Lubkeman, Esq., Partner Law Office of Briglia, Hundley, Nuttall & Lopez, P.C. Washington, D.C. Area

“Dr. Laura Hills provides professionals with an easy-to-use GPS that clearly and memorably demonstrates effective communication. She uses stories, examples, and techniques that can be applied immediately to enhance one’s ability to connect with an audience, employees, or boss. This book is a tool that should be added to every professional’s toolbox.” -Ashley Nichole Kee, Co-Owner and CFO BMK Consultants, Government and Commercial Contracting Co-Founder of the Warrior Research Foundation St. Paul, Minnesota and Northern Virginia

“The ability to be an effective communicator is no longer just an asset, but a necessity for succeeding in today's fast-changing, increasingly competitive, and complex global environment. In They'll Eat Out of Your Hand If You Know What to Feed Them, Dr. Laura Hills provides us with an actionable and concise blueprint to master communication skills for any situation, setting the stage for us to become better collaborators and leaders in our organizations.” -Tanveer Naseer, Founder, Tanveer Naseer Leadership Award-winning Leadership Writer and Speaker Montreal, Canada

“They’ll Eat Out of Your Hand If You Know What to Feed Them offers expert advice and includes very practical ideas that can be used immediately. The book is great for people who want to influence others and further their careers. It’s written in a style that rewards the reader frequently and makes memorization unnecessary.” -Martin Smith, President and Founder Best Messenger, Inc. President Elect, DC Chapter of Executive Women International Washington, DC

"They'll Eat Out of Your Hand If You Know What to Feed Them is so timely and especially needed for the professional who wants to make an impact. The book is engaging, entertaining and enlightening with Dr. Hills’ real-life examples that are sprinkled with her realistic humor. Dr. Hills’ gift of teaching through her writing helps any professional reading this book to grasp the context of the message with ease and to lock in the learning. This is a must read for any professional who desires more powerful connections through speaking, writing, or interacting with his or her clients." -Rebecca Morehead, Practice Manager Strategist and Consultant Practice Manager Solutions ( Host of the Radio Show Orlando, Florida Area

“It is said that when the student is ready, the teacher will come. I was certainly ready to receive the lessons Dr. Laura Hills offers in They’ll Eat Out of Your Hand If You Know How to Feed Them. The book is simply written and to the point. The chapters are well-organized. And the examples and tips are extremely helpful and absolutely crucial. After reading this book, I feel ready to become another of Dr. Hills’ communication virtuosos.” -Magally Christian-Chacón, Life Coach and Hynotherapist Dynamic Awareness Lake Ridge, Virginia

“This book is more than the usual repetition of one or two points, It is a real toolbox, with practical why’s and how-to’s. Written in an easy-to-read style, the content is as good as it gets. Highly recommended for anyone on a career journey, at the bottom, middle, or dare I say at the top of it!” -Mike Morrison, Global Head of Training A Global Logistics Firm Blogger, Tweeter, and Long-Term OD Professional Copenhagen Area, Denmark

“Communication is an invaluable skill in business, in education, and in life. They’ll Eat Out of Your Hand If You Know What to Feed Them is an important resource and guide to help readers maximize their professional and personal success. With the many new and better communication tools available to us today come even greater opportunities for us to miscommunicate, to offend, and to misrepresent the intent of our messages. Use this reference to evaluate and develop your critical communication skills.” -Larry Kelly, President and CEO, Apple Federal Credit Union $1.8 Billion in Assets, 160,000 Members, and Nearly 400 Employees, Fairfax, Virginia

“Dr. Laura Hills’ tips on communication skills are pithy, powerful, and pragmatic. She writes in a clear, engaging style – as we should expect from a communications expert!” -Jill McClay, PhD, Professor University of Alberta Edmonton, Canada

“As a professional speaker and published author, I thought I knew everything that I needed to know to be good at what I do. Reading They’ll Eat of our Your Hand if You Know What to Feed Them has provided me with the tools to be great. Dr. Hills provides insightful knowledge about engaging your audience as a speaker and in writing business communications. But she also provides advice about improving your listening skills, increasing your reading comprehension, and the importance of nonverbal communication. I highly recommend this book for professionals at all levels of their careers who are seeking to increase their communication skills and to gain a competitive edge in their industries.” -LaKesha Womack, Business Consultant, Womack Consulting Group Minister, Author, and Online Radio Show Host Founder, The Ecumenical Young Adult Leadership Society Montgomery, Alabama

“WOW! Dr. Laura Hills has given us the secret strategies to maximizing our communication potential as career professionals. I liken this book to a handbook for identifying our differences and getting the best out of them. Study this book and you will unlock the keys to your inner communication expert, or as Dr. Hills suggests, you’ll become a communication virtuoso. Teach from this book and you will build strong leaders. As we go, we grow. Let’s GO!” -Pierre Campbell, Leadership and Personal Development Coach, Author of Simple Intelligence G.O. Get Optimistic Founder and CEO of Pierre Camp and The Leadership Network ( Washington, DC Area

“You won't find a more thorough approach to communication than what Dr. Laura Hills provides in this amazing publication. Each page is filled with essential content, especially for professionals seeking to strengthen their ability to convey meaningful messages in every word uttered. Three things that make the publication unique include its simple usage of language to describe complex concepts, its precise messaging that reinforces concrete communication theory, and its graphical display of striking and cross-cultural images. Every person can identify with it. Every person can learn something from it. This publication will greater prepare its readers with the knowledge and ability to master the art AND SCIENCE of communication effectiveness." -Akia T. Garnett, CEO Brandbuilder, Alexandria, Virginia




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