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Blue Pencil Institute Unveils New Website

PagePhoto WebsiteUnvieled Blue Pencil Institute launched its new website on May 1. Master web designer Jerome McLain of MaxMedia Studios partnered with us to create the new site.

May 1, 2013:

Blue Pencil Institute announces today the launch of its new website at The new site includes numerous new features. Among these are free helpful articles for career professionals on personal and professional development, a News section, an interactive program catalog, downloadable features, videos, a shopping cart, an affiliate marketing program, and a stunning new look.

“Our new site is laced with gorgeous photographs of diverse career professionals,” explains Blue Pencil Institute president Dr. Laura Hills. This was a purposeful strategy, she says, as the photographs breathe a human quality into the site that leaps off the computer screen. Adds Dr. Hills, “We wanted our new site to be extremely simple and user-friendly, and it is.” However the new site also goes very deep, as it provides more than 150 pages of content in total. “That way we can cater to everyone who visits our website – those who want to skim quickly, and those who want to drill down for more detail and information,” says Dr. Hills.

Blue Pencil Institute considered several bids before selecting Maxmedia Studios in Fort Mill, South Carolina as its web designer. Dr. Hills explains, “It was a dream come true to work with Maxmedia Studios and in particular, with Jerome McLain. He was able to handle the complexity of our site and the hundreds of refinements and tweaks we needed. Jerome brought so many fresh and creative ideas to the table. We’ve loved working with him and his work is outstanding. Everyone who has had a sneak peek at the site has told me that it’s a wow!”

Blue Pencil Institute will continue to work with Maxmedia Studios to refine and update the new website. As well, we have engaged Jerome McLain to create video products for Blue Pencil Institute, including a book trailer for Dr. Hills’ latest book, Climbing Out of a Rut. We expect this trailer to be available on our Featured Products page soon. Says Dr. Hills, “It’s rare to find someone who matches Blue Pencil Institute in our intensity and our commitment to excellence. But we’ve found just such a person in Jerome McLain.”

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