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New Blue Pencil Publishing Book Launch: Climbing Out of a Rut!

PagePhoto featured product Blue Pencil Publishing announces the release Climbing Out of a Rut. This print or digital Blue Pencil Career Success Monograph™, written by Dr. Laura Hills, offers practical help for career professionals who feel stuck.


January 28, 2013:

“Feeling stuck in a rut is such a common problem today that it seems to be an epidemic among career professionals.” So says Blue Pencil Institute president Dr. Laura Hills of her reason for writing her first Blue Pencil Career Success Monograph™, Climbing Out of a Rut. The work, released today, offers career professionals four steps and 101 secrets to supercharging their careers and finding greater fulfillment and reward in the work they do every day. According to Dr. Hills, the book is practical, how-to-do-it, and do-it-now in its approach to getting unstuck. “This isn’t a theoretical discussion. It’s the kick in the pants career professionals need to take action,” she says.

The four steps for getting unstuck offered in Climbing Out of a Rut are readjust your attitude, defibrillate your career, find meaning in what you do, and let others lift you higher. Each of these steps is then supported by 25 secrets (exercises and activities) career professionals can use to jolt them into taking action. An additional secret, #101, guides readers into making a commitment to living a rut-free life. Explains Dr. Hills, “Every career professional is unique so there isn’t a one-size-fits-all way to climb of a rut. That’s why I’ve created 101 different strategies. I believe that if only one works, the monograph will have been well worth it for every career professional who reads it.”

Climbing Out of a Rut includes hands-on exercises, self-assessment quizzes, and a summary action checklist. It also includes a free bonus feature entitled, “50 More Ways to Improve Yourself”, as well as Blue Pencil Institute’s Career Development Resources. According to Dr. Nido Qubein, president of High Point University and chairman of the Great Harvest Bread Company, “This motivational book will guide you through a personal and professional rebranding.”

Climbing Out of a Rut is available as a 5” x 8” softcover print book, an ebook, an ebook Kindle edition, or as a PDF that prints out on 8 ½” x 11” paper. Blue Pencil Institute is also offering the opportunity for individuals and organizations to create customized special editions of Climbing Out of a Rut. “I’m very excited about this new offering,” Dr. Hills says. “We can work with anyone to put his or her name on the book cover as its presenter and even have him or her write a unique two-page preface to the book, if so desired.” Customized special editions of Climbing Out of a Rut can be ordered in quantities as low as 50 and make for surprisingly affordable giveaways. “This is a great value-added, keepable giveaway that will reinforce your brand and that will make a positive and lasting impression,” says Dr. Hills.

Blue Pencil Institute is also offering organizations and conferences the opportunity to purchase a program and product combination package. Dr. Hills can speak to groups on the topic of getting unstuck in in their careers and their lives and audience members can receive a copy of the Climbing Out of a Rut. Blue Pencil Institute is also offering a meet-the-author and book signing event for the participants at your next program! Climbing Out of a Rut supports Blue Pencil Institute’s vision of a world in which career professionals are fulfilled, rewarded, and enthusiastic about what they do so they can live and work with purpose and passion. Adds Dr. Hills, “Every career professional deserves to be happy. I wrote Climbing Out of a Rut to help make that happen.”

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