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Dr. Laura Hills Meets with Federal Job Search and Resume Guru Kathryn Troutman

PagePhoto Federal Authors Kathryn Troutman and Dr. Laura Hills met on February 2 to catch up on their latest publishing projects.


February 2, 2012: 
Blue Pencil Institute president Dr. Laura Hills met up with long-time colleague Kathryn Troutman today to share the latest offerings of their respective companies. Troutman is the president and founder of The Resume Place in Baltimore, Maryland. She is a powerhouse, prolific writer, highly-acclaimed trainer, and expert on federal job searches. Says Dr. Hills of Troutman, “There’s nobody out there like her. When it comes to federal job searches, Kathryn Troutman is the go-to person. I admire her so much – always have, always will.”

Dr. Hills worked with Troutman many years ago as a resume and KSA writer and trainer. She also contributed a chapter to Troutman’s award winning book, Ten Steps to a Federal Job, one of her seven books. It was no surprise, then, that the two colleagues had so much to talk about. Dr. Hills shared Blue Pencil Institute’s coaching services, programs, and products. She also shared with Troutman the manuscript to her first Blue Pencil Career Success Monograph™, Climbing Out of a Rut: Four Steps and 101 Secrets to Supercharging Your Career and Finding Greater Reward and Fulfillment in Your Work, which Troutman has graciously agreed to review. Troutman then described for Dr. Hills The Resume Place’s certification program for career professionals, her federal job webinars and government agency trainings, and the many other the other exciting training programs and products that her company is offering.

For more information about Kathryn Troutman and The Resume Place, including its training programs, resume services, and Troutman’s books for federal job seekers, please visit

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