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HRS 107: 25 Tips for Getting Along with Your Co-Workers

HRS-107-pictureHRS 107: 25 TIPS FOR GETTING ALONG WITH YOUR CO-WORKERS: Every career professional has the responsibility to develop positive relationships with his or her colleagues. Simply put, it is part of the job to get along. Many career professionals and the people who report to them do not realize this or have the tools to build strong professional relationships. This program offers 25 specific strategies that will help career professionals and those they manage build positive peer relationships and avoid disputes. It describes ways career professionals can improve communication skills and foster an atmosphere of respect. As well, this program suggests the specific language career professionals should use and several communication don’ts that can foil positive professional relationships. The 25 tips offered in this program can be the subject of a staff or team meeting and new employee training and can also be reproduced in an organization’s handbook.


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