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PRC 118: Practical Strategies for Women in the Workforce

PRC-118-picturePRC 118: PRACTICAL STRATEGIES FOR WOMEN IN THE WORKFORCE: When a woman goes to work, will she be expected to dress like a man, act like a man, think like a man? Or, should the fact that she’s a woman be part of the career woman’s personal image and career strategy? If so, when, how, and to what extent? What should a working woman’s relationship be to male and female co-workers? Her boss? Her direct reports? Can she break into the old boys’ network and avoid being gender typecast? Most importantly, can a working woman avoid uncomfortable and dangerous situations in the workplace? Can she squelch flirtatious overtures without endangering her career? Can she protect herself from harm when she travels for business? These and other questions will be addressed in this eye-opening program.



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