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FMP 102: The Four Pillar Model for Effective Professional Communication™

At Blue Pencil Institute, we teach professionals to become more effective and more confident communicators by mastering four essential communication core competencies. These are illustrated in our Four Pillar Model for Effective Professional Communication™ and are comprised of Know Your Communication Goal, Know your Audience, Know your Communication Channel, and Know Your Self.     

Participants in this full-day or multi-day program will learn to:

Know Your Communication Goal: The single biggest mistake career professionals make when communicating with others is that they do not establish and work toward clear communication goals, thus allowing others to take control of the communication encounter. Participants will learn to identify both the surface and underlying reasons for every communication and how to keep goal-focused, even when they must field curve balls and zingers, when they’re under stress and time pressure, or when difficult personalities and tempers enter into the communication.

Know Your Audience: The career professional must know how to assess the receiver or audience for every communication and to make intelligent and informed communication choices. This becomes increasingly more challenging when the career professional must interact with diverse individuals, with individuals for whom English may not be their first language, or when they must communicate with multi-generational audiences. Participants will learn to size up an audience of one or thousands quickly and accurately and to adapt their communication messages and strategies so that each individual or group remains open and receptive.

Know Your Communication Channel: How and where we communicate will influence tremendously how successful we are as communicators. Knowing when and how to use face-to-face communication, group or individual communication, electronic communication, synchronous or asynchronous media, or written communication becomes increasingly complex in professional communication situations, especially as new technologies emerge. Participants will explore the various communication channels available to them and develop a strategy for matching the communication channel to each communication goal and audience.

Know Yourself: Every career professional enters into a communication challenge with particular knowledge, skills, and abilities already on board. Participants will assess their strengths, preferences, and skills as communicators and develop professional communication strategies that will be most effective for and authentic to them. They will also identify areas for individualized and organizational communication improvement and development.

Participants in this program will be guided through a personal communication skills assessment and leave with a communication action development plan customized to their communication goals and needs.


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