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PBC 102: They’ll Eat Out of Your Hand If You Know What to Feed Them

eat out of hand smallPBC 102: They’ll Eat Out of Your Hand If You Know What to Feed Them: The 30 Essential Communication Skills that Give Highly Successful Career Professionals Their Edge

A Program and Book Combination Package

Every day, we enter into a complex communication dance in which we try to lead and have others follow us. For example, we want to gain our client’s approval, close a sale, get a promotion or raise, attract a top-notch job application to our company, get a stubborn colleague to listen to us, solicit a referral, negotiate a discount, or have our assistant take on a disagreeable task. How successful we are in getting others to do as we wish can be chalked up to a lot of things – charisma, charm, authority, leverage, sympathy, empathy, even threats. But beneath all of that, how well we get others to do as we wish relies upon one thing: our ability to communicate.

The challenge is that most of us don’t have speech writers or publicists or wordsmiths behind the scenes who put just the right words into our emails or our mouths. We must be one-stop communication shops – communication virtuosos, if you will. That means that we must be proficient in as many as six distinct skill areas. These are: speaking, writing, reading, listening, nonverbal communication, and visual and digital communication.

Fortunately, in this fast-paced Blue Pencil Institute program and accompanying Blue Pencil Career Success Monograph™, you’ll learn 30 discrete communication skills that hit each of these skill areas and that will help you accelerate your career, become more effective and productive, and find greater fulfillment and reward in your work. These specific, easy-to-learn communication skills have worked for others and they can work for you.

This is not a program about theory or of broad generalities. It is a practical, do’s and don’ts, do-it-now approach to communication. Attend They’ll Eat Out of Your Hand If You Know What to Feed Them to become that communication virtuoso you’ve always dreamed of being. Learn to get others to eat out of your hand by feeding them a steady diet of effective communication.


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