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Dr. Laura Hills Discusses Multi-Generational Workforces on LaKesha Womack’s Popular Radio Program

PagePhoto MultiGenerationalLaKesha Womack interviewed Dr. Laura Hills about how to succeed in multi-generational work environments on The LaKesha Womack Show on March 28.


March 28, 2012:
What does it mean to be a Traditionalist, Baby Boomer, Generation X-er, or Millennial? How do your age and life point affect your relationships at work? Blue Pencil Institute president Dr. Laura Hills answered these questions and more today on The LaKesha Womack Show.

Says Dr. Hills, “Working and networking in a multi-generational environment can pose unique challenges and create stress for career professionals of any age. A great many of us are familiar with our own perspectives and experiences in life and in work but lack an unbiased understanding about generational differences.” According to Dr. Hills, this in turn can lead to misunderstandings, harsh judgments, assumptions, and conflicts within working and networking relationships. “Unfortunately, multi-generational relationship problems are often compounded when they lead to lower productivity, poor morale, resentment, feelings of superiority, and ultimately, increased turnover in organizations and lost opportunities,” Dr. Hills warns.

Dr. Hills has written and spoken extensively on the topic of the multi-generational workforce. She described for Womack a number of strategies career professionals can use to succeed when working with colleagues of different generations. “Each generation has its merits and strengths. Each has a different view of and approach to communication. And each has a great deal to contribute,” Dr. Hills told Womack.

LaKesha Womack is an author, blogger, speaker, and consultant. The LaKesha Womack Show is a half-hour Blog Talk Radio program that discusses current events and ways to improve one’s personal, professional, and spiritual lives. To listen to a free on-demand recording of LaKesha Womack’s interview with Dr. Laura Hills, please click on the button below:

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