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Dr. Laura Hills Conducts Student Engagement Workshop for Virginia International University Faculty

PagePhoto -HandsOn Dr. Laura Hills conducted “How to Engage Your Students from Day One” for the Virginia International University business faculty on August 23, 2012.


August 23, 2012:
“Let me edutain you!” Blue Pencil Institute president Dr. Hills sang this most intriguing line at a gathering of the Virginia International University business faculty today to kick off her in-service workshop on student engagement. Dr. Hills demonstrated a number of student engagement techniques for the faculty before turning them loose on the interactive group learning activities that she had designed for them. Says Dr. Hills of the rationale behind the program, “Students learn best when they’re engaged in hands-on learning. Naturally, it made sense for me to engage the faculty in their learning by designing hands-on learning tasks for them, too.”

Dr. Hills comes to the subject of student engagement honestly through her own years as a college professor and through her doctoral studies in higher education. However, she believes that she learned student engagement best as a seminar speaker for professional audiences. “Career professionals are busy people who don’t have time to waste. When speaking to them, you’ve got to get them engaged in their learning right away or you’ll lose them,” Dr. Hills explains, adding, “You simply can’t have a career as a professional speaker as I have for the past 30 years if you don’t know how to engage your audience.”

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