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Dr. Laura Hills Publishes Fourth Book

PagePhoto FeaturedCurrentNewsDr. Laura Hills published Lasting Female Educational Leadership, her fourth book, in October 2012.

October 3, 2012:

Blue Pencil Institute announces today that president Dr. Laura Hills has published her fourth book, Lasting Female Educational Leadership: Leadership Legacies of Women Leaders. The 209-page hardcover book is based upon Dr. Hills’ dissertation research -- a case study of women leaders in later midlife in higher education and their legacy strivings and intentions. It explores Erik Erikson's theory that we become "generative" in midlife and examines who and what earlier in life may have influenced Dr. Hills’ informants to be legacy thinkers. It culminates with a model that institutions of higher learning can use to develop legacy thinking in existing and future leaders. It also includes interactive exercises and a template readers can use to craft a leadership legacy statement. 

Says Dr. Hills about the process of writing the book, “This has been quite a journey for me. I had to revise my carefully-crafted doctoral dissertation and rework it into a manuscript for this book. That meant cutting material, reordering things, and adding lots of new material, too.” Though Dr. Hills describes this process as “challenging,” she is glad she persevered. “I wanted to add to the body of scholarship about women in leadership,” she says. “I wrote about women and their professional legacies. In the end, I hope that this book becomes part of mine.”

Lasting Female Educational Leadership was peer reviewed and has been published by Springer as a monograph in their Studies in Higher Education series. For more information about Dr. Hills’ book, please visit the Springer website by clicking on the button below:

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