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FMP 101: The 6D Framework for Career Success™

At Blue Pencil Institute, we believe that career professionals can achieve career success by mastering six essential core competencies. These are illustrated in our 6D Framework for Career Success™ and are comprised of Dream, Dare, Differentiate, Develop, Divulge, and Deliver.  

Participants in this full day or multi-day program will:

Dream: They will learn how to unlock their authentic dreams and craft their own definitions and measures for career success. They will learn to be visionary and legacy thinkers.

Dare: They will dare to dream bigger and face whoever or whatever is holding them back from achieving their dreams.

Differentiate: They will learn how to distinguish themselves, refine their professional images, and self-brand. They will craft unique mission statements to guide their thoughts, deeds, and actions.

Develop: They will learn how to communicate more effectively and build better relationships.

Divulge: They will learn how to market, publicize, and promote their services and expertise tastefully, affordably, and ethically.

Deliver: They will learn how to perform with excellence, shatter expectations, and earn reputations for superior quality, service, and performance. They will develop strategies for building extraordinary relationships and high-functioning teams.

Participants in this program will be guided through a series of personal development assessments and exercises and leave with a career success action plan customized to their individualized goals and needs.


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