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The 6D Framework for Career Success™

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Have you come to a point in your career where you want more? Is there a promotion or a raise you’ve set your sights on or do you want a new job? Perhaps you want to start your own business or grow the business you already have. Maybe you just want to be better at what you do without so much stress and strain. Or perhaps you simply want to find more meaning in what you do every day.

If you’re thinking that you want more but you don’t know what else you could do or how to make that leap, we’re here to help you. At Blue Pencil Institute, we envision a world in which career professionals feel fulfilled, rewarded, and enthusiastic about their work so that they live and work in their passion. And the way we believe we can achieve this vision is by applying The 6D Framework for Career Success™, the unique underlying structure that guides everything we think, say, and do.

What is The 6D Framework for Career Success™? We have discovered through our extensive work with career professionals that they can get more out of their lives and their careers -- and become tremendously more successful -- by mastering six essential skills, each one beginning with the letter D. These are to:

  • Dream Authentically
  • Dare to Think Bigger
  • Differentiate and Self-Brand
  • Develop Knowledge and Skills
  • Divulge Ethically and Tastefully, and
  • Deliver Excellence

As you will see in The 6D Framework for Career Success™ graphic below, each D in the framework is equally important in achieving career success.


More specifically, here is how we teach The 6D Framework for Career Success™ through our products, programs, and coaching:

At Blue Pencil Institute, we teach career professionals how to unlock their authentic dreams and to craft their own definitions and measures of career success. We help them find fulfillment through visionary and legacy thinking. We achieve remarkable outcomes through our commitment to a positive approach to professional development. We build upon possibilities, opportunities, and strengths.
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At Blue Pencil Institute, we teach career professionals to dare to think bigger. We inspire them to take action and develop their self-confidence. We partner with our clients to anticipate and overcome obstacles to their success, to assess and manage risks, and to face whatever or whoever is holding them back from achieving their dreams.
p deliver

At Blue Pencil Institute, we teach career professionals how to distinguish themselves, refine their professional images, and self-brand. We guide them to develop their core values, ethical standards, and character. We help our clients position themselves within a career marketplace and craft unique career mission statements and frameworks to guide their thoughts, words, and actions.
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At Blue Pencil Institute, we teach career professionals to be better communicators and to build stronger relationships. We help them acquire the technical, analytical, and systems knowledge and skills they need most for career success. We foster and support their efforts to be lifelong learners. We provide engaging, practical, high-quality educational programs, learning products, and professionalism coaching tailored to the unique needs and learning styles of career professionals.
p develop

 At Blue Pencil Institute, we teach career professionals how to promote, publicize, and market their services and expertise. We develop their abilities to build and harness strong career-building networks. We are sensitive to the unique concerns and responsibilities of career professionals and help our clients tell others about what they do tastefully, affordably, and ethically.
p divulge

 At Blue Pencil Institute, we teach career professionals how to perform with excellence. We help them set, achieve, and exceed their goals. We provide the tools and skills they need to build extraordinary relationships and high-functioning teams. We inspire our clients to shatter expectations and to earn reputations for superior quality, service, and performance.
p dare

The 6D Framework for Career Success™ makes Blue Pencil Institute uniquely different from every other personal and professional development resource for career professionals. Check out our 6D Framework for Career Success™ featured products and ask us about our 6D Framework for Career Success™ program – perfect for your organization.


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