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coaching specialties

Blue Pencil Institute coaches diverse career professionals with a wide variety of coaching needs, goals, and aspirations. We coach executives, leaders, entrepreneurs, private practice professionals, project and program managers, foreign executives, artists, coaches, small business owners, and other career professionals who seek to improve themselves.

A Blue Pencil Institute coach can work with career professionals in the greater Washington, DC metropolitan area, where we are headquartered, or all around the world using email, phone, and Skype. We specialize in four types of coaching:

Communication and Relationship-Building Coaching: Our communication and relationship-building coaching clients are often career professionals who must rely upon their communication and people skills to achieve their organizational goals. They come to us because they may be experiencing frustration, miscommunications, lowered effectiveness, stress, and less-than-ideal relationships in their organizations. We coach our communication and relationship-building clients to become more effective and confident speakers and writers, to be more empathetic, to choose the best communication channels for each situation, to craft the most effective messages, to use feedback effectively, and to assess and develop their emotional intelligence capabilities. Business etiquette, ethics, and how to deal with problem personalities are also subjects we explore with our coaching clients.

Leadership, Executive, and Business Coaching: Our leadership, executive, and business coaching clients are wonderfully giving and highly skilled professionals, but they often want to know more about how to lead others and to build vibrant organizations. They may also find the work they’re doing to be stressful and not as fulfilling as they would like or they may not know in which direction to take their careers. Or, they may need to work out a different or a more precise vision for their organizations – one that they can be enthusiastic about and articulate clearly to others. We coach our leadership, executive and business coaching clients to hone their leadership skills, harness their strengths, establish and achieve their goals, and in the process build stronger organizations and enjoy greater satisfaction in their work and in their lives.

Career Transition and Job Search Coaching: Our career transition and job search coaching clients are often career professionals who are at a crossroads and who need help securing their next job opportunity. They may not know what kinds of positions are right for them and they may need help in creating and executing a job search. Or, they may need to learn, practice, and refine their interviewing skills. We write sparkling resumes and cover letters for our job searching clients that have proven to be extremely effective in opening the right doors. We coach our career transition and job searching clients to become effective networkers and to self-brand and distinguish themselves so they stand out as highly competitive job applicants – and, get the job.

American Culture and Accent Reduction Coaching: Our American culture and accent reduction coaching clients are usually foreign executives who are living in the United States or who do significant business here. They are hugely talented and knowledgeable professionals who wish to know more about American culture and ways of doing business. They may also find that they lack needed English language skills particularly when they must speak or write in American business contexts. We coach our American culture and accent reduction coaching clients to increase their knowledge of American culture, reduce their accents, develop a strong American-friendly executive presence, build their confidence, and become acculturated to American business practices, drawing upon our advanced academic training and credentials in second language acquisition and our significant experience working with international learners.


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